I am an applied scientist at AWS AI working in the Deep Graph Library – DGL team. Previously, I was a postdoctoral scholar at Berkeley Lab where I have worked on exascale solution for microbiome analysis and dynamic runtime fusion of parallel operators. I did my PhD at Ohio State University in Computer Science & Engineering and a core supporter of our very best Buckeye football team. Anyways, my research specialty lies in high-performance computing – primarily optimizing bandwidth-bound, load imbalanced sparse kernels for massively parallel architectures like GPUs and multi-core CPUs. During my Ph.D., my research focused on optimizing ┬áthe sparse kernels in machine learning and numeric algorithms, e.g., tensor factorization, sparse matrix multiplication under the supervision of Prof. P.(Saday) Sadayappan. I earned my undergrad in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Dhaka.